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Without Discipline we are lost.

You should be practicing.

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Enjoy these four cuts from "Joie de Vivre" CD 


 Latest Video

 from our new CD Joie De Vivre


Sunflower : Turns toward the sun......

Eric Lilley Trio - Twirler

Here is the first cut from Eric Lilley Trio CD "Joie de Vivre".
Wrote this tune after seeing a photo of a baton twirler at Art Bouton's studio in Lone Tree,Colorado. 

He claims the photo never existed, but I know it does. This was not the result of a vodka hallucination...... 

Eric Lilley Trio - Joie de Vivre

Check out this great preview video from our new CD

Eric Lilley - Poppy

Dedicated to my Grand Daughter

Poppy Griffin

Eric Lilley & Jim Reiske - "Future City"

Here's a collaboration with my friend Jim Reiske, I composed and played keyboards,

 Jim played guitar, bass and did the video editing. Dedicated to the late Allan Holdsworth.

Eric Lilley - Songs Without Words

Enjoy these 4 selections from my 2005 release "Songs Without Words"

Eric Lilley - Songs Without Words

Eric Lilley Trio - Tournesol


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